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Existing analytical tools make comparisons between GP practices and CCGs using benchmarks derived from data aggregated at the national level, which does not take into account these population characteristics and extraneous factors. National benchmarks are outdated.

GP practices and CCGs differ widely in terms of population characteristics and each is exposed to many non-healthcare related factors that determine patient health outcomes. Our tool does take into account factors such as disease prevalence, demographics, and socio-economic differences, allowing fair comparisons of GP practices or CCGs, and enabling us to identify real opportunities for improvement and more effective care.

Trayned Insight uses predictive analytics to set fair expected values for every practice on the basis of underlying population characteristics which are highly related to outcomes. In turn, fair benchmarks and targets can be set on the basis of a practice’s real potential.

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Detect real outliers, specific to every GPs patient's population, down to a bespoke area and up to the whole country

Set realistic performance targets and where the best potential of improvements is, and priorities urgent indicators

"Buddy-up": Get in touch with similar practices that performed better and copy their methods

Presented in a comprehensive, easy-to-use and intuitive platform. It gives a clear picture of the solution

Obtain more details on tailored, complex, and multi-factorial analysis without losing sight of the underlying trends

Make on-the-spot adjustments of the model parameters and generate meaningful reports at all level/breakdown

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Meet the team

DR Tim Drye
Chief Data Scientist
Dr Michael von Bertele
Co-founder and chairman
Dr Andreas Soliropoulos
Data Scientist
Andrew Wright
Manager, Director
Pierre Thomas
Data analyst, Designer


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