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Trayned Praxis - The intelligent prescribing data platform.

  • When is comes to prescribing data, descriptive statistics with market share, historic trends gives you part of the picture...
  • We help decision makers to direct their sales force towards the right GP practices/CCGs

    To go beyond summary statistics on you market share, Trayned Insight has developed Trayned Praxis, a ground breaking data analytics platform that enables pharmaceutical companies to:

  • View actionable rankings of both CCGs and GP practices with the best potential to generate more NIC for each of your drugs, quantified by the expected size of sales opportunities.
  • View actionable rankings of both CCGs and GP practices with the best potential to start prescribing each of your drugs that do not currently do so, quantifying the probability of commencing prescribing.
  • Successfully secure qualified competitive advantage and gain CCG approval by showing clear non-financial benefits such as improvements in disease prevalence, QOF points and patients’ experience ratings of GP practices associated with increased prescribing of each of your drugs.
  • Exclusive features that distinguish Trayned Praxis data analytics platform:

  • Trayned Praxis projects with greater precision the expected prescribing level of any drug, on the basis of the characteristics of both the populations and practitioners for every GP practice. This enables unprecedented comparison of actual sales versus expected sales and more accurate measurement of campaign success at multiple levels (practice, CCG, STP or bespoke area).
  • Exploits unique, proprietary statistical models to analyse GP practice prescribing data sets.
  • Identifies unexploited prescribing opportunity with unequalled precision through leading-edge predictive analytics.
  • Commutes distinctive analysis to outcomes via visually striking interactive dashboards, heat maps, graphs, charts and tables.
  • Robustly supports your sales campaigns to gain competitive edge with downloadable customised statistical reports.
  • Streamlined decision-making processes.

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