The Trayned Insight company identity is inspired by the work of John Graunt, the 17th century scientist who was the first to analyse mortality records to try to shed light on the spread of the bubonic plague, thus establishing the fields of statistics, demography, and epidemiology. Graunt was a Major in the Trayned Bandes, the force that guarded the Tower of London and fought on the Parliamentary side during the English Civil War.

Trayned Insight brings together several prominent figures from very different industries to create a unique combination of talent: the medical experience of Dr Michael von Bertele (Director of Army Medical Services '09-'12), the Big Data expertise and analytical insight of leading statistician Tim Drye (DataIQ data scientist of the year 2013), and the business experience of Simon Thomas (founder and CEO of financial services information agency Thomas Murray) and James Waterhouse (a businessman and entrepreneur with a 25-year track record in corporate development in the technology sector).

Trayned Insight grew out of well-established analyses of NHS-supplied information devised by industry veteran Paul Balmer that demonstrate the capacity for realising efficiencies through an intelligent focus on integrated data. Trayned Insight supports Government – national and local – and the NHS and health practitioners by harvesting Big Data from multiple sources, combining it in unique Insight Cubes, and breaking it down into meaningful statistics and insights to facilitate health sector decision-making processes. A key focus is to help reduce the costs and optimise the outcomes of healthcare by ensuring the most appropriate and cost effective treatments are available to every doctor to prescribe.


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