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Solutions are delivered through a fully redundant, regularly penetration tested platform. Our infrastructure is able to withstand the most comprehensive of security audits, to provide absolute safety for your data assets. In addition, our data analytics platform utilises the very latest tools and methodologies to deliver commercially valuable insights. This dynamically evolving matrix of databases and tools gives you increasing return on your investment. Finally we are constantly enhancing our presentation tools in order to provide you with the shortest possible path to actionable intelligence.

A straightforward dashboard, with obvious interface, which minimizes misinterpretation.

The results of our analysis are presented in a comprehensive and easy to use platform that presents data on performance in all GP practices in England in a simple and intuitive way and gives a clear picture of insights and where there is realistic scope for improvement. We offer several visualizations in a very intelligible and valid way so that it can be viewed and interrogated at the same time by a user with minimal training or by a skilled data analyst.

A thorough use of the most advanced methods in statistics

The typical response when performance variations are highlighted is to say, “ah, but we are different to all those others because ….”. To be fair, this common sense objection has some justification; most approaches to statistical comparison start by trying to get an assessment of everyone first – the “population”, and then seeing how any particular individual compares to this population norm.

The developers of a new analytical platform have used a unique method to compare GP practice performance so that commissioners can identify and prioritise areas for improvement in each practice. One example highlights the lowest performing individual GP practices which could help reduce NHS drug spend by £700 million if they made simple adjustments and improved their prescribing performance to bring it into line with the most cost-effective prescribing practices which have the same characteristics.

Until now it has been difficult to find out which practices are prescribing effectively, or treating a disease well compared to any other practice. This is because practices vary in size, demographics of the registered population and types of treatment. There are also differences in the way they are managed.

One of Trayned Pioneer declinaisons, uses data science to compare the performance of every practice in England in thousands of different ways. It does this by identifying for each practice the 99 practices that are most like it in every way: size, age of patients, ethnic mix, deprivation and disease prevalence. When looking at a group of practices, say all those in a particular CCG, for any given indicator or benchmark, Trayned Pioneer sorts them into ten equal groups according to a value derived for each practice against its own nearest 99. These sub-groups are called deciles. The nearest 99 comparison changes with every performance indicator and it means that commissioners can find out how each practice should be performing on any indicator in comparison to the most similar practices around the country. This technique removes all the confounding factors that make it difficult to work out what is good and what is bad.

Dr Michael von Bertele, Chairman, Trayned Insight, said: “Our unique way of analysing GP practice performance means that for the first time we can state with confidence that variations in performance are statistically significant. We can show, for example, which individual practices can improve medicines prescribing and bring it up to the standard of the most effective prescribers within a group of 99 practices most similar to them. By weighting different factors in assessment of different performance indicator this approach exposes variations in a broad range of performance measures that have traditionally been masked using current methods. The new platform makes it possible to prioritise many other areas for improvement.”

Meet the team

DR Tim Drye
Chief Data Scientist
Dr Michael von Bertele
Co-founder and chairman
Dr Andreas Soliropoulos
Data Scientist
Andrew Wright
Manager, Director
Pierre Thomas
Data analyst, Designer


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